About us

We are the Public Engagement Team - part of Connecting Science - at the Wellcome Genome Campus: A group of passionate enthusiasts whose mission is to share the world of genomics science with public and schools everywhere. We do this through a range of live and digital experiences, all of which you can explore around this website. We're lucky to share our mission with pioneering scientists in the world-class facilities of the Sanger Institute and European Bioinformatics Institute driving some of the most exciting (and potentially life-changing) science in the world. Kick started by the Human Genome Project, our campus has a rich history which you're invited to come and experience.

As a species, our genomic data is unlike any other part of our being. It's the basis of everything which makes us unique - setting us apart from our neighbours - and yet it embodies everything which brings us together. It is all of human history (past, present and future) as well as the stories of the living world around us.

Whether you're a visitor from afar, or work right here on campus, we hope your journey around our public engagement work will spark an interest to get involved. You can follow us on twitter, join our events mailing list and education update, or get in touch with us.

And if you prefer a more personal touch, here we are in person:-

Meet the team

Fran Gale

Education and Learning Manager

Mark Danson

Interactives Developer

Laura Olivares

Graphic Designer and Illustrator