Bioscience Lite: The Microbiome

Find out about the latest research revealing the microbial communities living in our gut

Location: (click for map)

Discovery Zone, Welcome Genome Campus, Hinxton CB10 1SA


Wed 15th May, 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Bioscience LITE is a series of free twilight teacher training events hosted by the Wellcome Genome Campus and the Babraham Institute to explore some of the big topics in bioscience. These sessions will provide you with updates from scientists on contemporary bioscience, access to some of our scientific facilities and introduce you to resources that can be used in the classroom.

This event asks the question – How do we know what microbes are living in our gut? Metagenomics, the analysis of the sum of genetic material from a sample, has started to shed light on the huge diversity of micro-organisms that occupy environments such as the human body, soil and the world’s oceans. Dr Rob Finn from EMBL-EBI will discuss the diversity of the human microbiome and how bioinformatics tools can help us to identify what is living in our gut.

After the talk there will be time for discussion around teaching resources.

Refreshments are available from 17:30 and talks start at 18:00.

The event is free but please do booking is essential to secure your place.