Covid Connections: From mild to mortal: Unlocking the mystery of Covid19 symptoms

Genomics has transformed how we tackle the pandemic. Meet the people who are making this happen.


Wed 14th Jul, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

One of the mysteries of Covid19 is the vastly different ways it can affect peoples’ health. While one person may become seriously ill, another may display no symptoms at all. We’ll explore how genomics is helping to understand our susceptibility to the virus.

Event chair:

Angela Saini (Superior: The Return of Race Science, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong)

Event panel:

Dr Kerstin Meyer, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Dr Kenneth Baillie, University of Edinburgh

Dr Michael Morgan, University of Cambridge

Covid Connections is a series of panel discussions organised by Wellcome Connecting Science and COG UK (COVID19 Genomics UK Consortium) exploring Covid19 and the role genomics science is playing in combatting the pandemic. Hear from the people who are making this happen.

This event is part of a series of four events, running monthly from May-August 2021.