Embedding Public Engagement into research and innovation

A session to explore how embedding public engagement into our work can help improve research and innovation culture and outcomes


Tue 9th Mar, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Embedding Public Engagement into Research and Innovation

A session to explore how embedding public engagement into our work can help improve research and innovation culture and outcomes

Trainer: Charlotte Thorley

Time: 10-12:30

Session overview

By now it’s likely that you have tried your hand at some sort of public engagement, whether that be public speaking, online dialogue, patient consultations, coding in schools or more. In this 2.5 hour session you’ll be introduced to some of the critical thinking around public engagement and what impacts it can have for research and technological advances. Together we’ll explore how embedding public engagement into your work and practice can help improve research and innovation culture and outcomes. We will look at how to create constructive and valuable public contributions to research planning, process and dissemination. And we will dig into some of the barriers you might face when considering public engagement, making sure that the engagement work you take on is a good use of your time and resources. This 2.5 hour session will take place via Zoom, and will include a break midway.


This session is led by Dr Charlotte Thorley, freelance Public Engagement and Involvement consultant. Charlotte supports public engagement across a variety of environments including universities, charities and learned societies, through training, facilitation, strategy and programme development, and evaluation. She was previously at Queen Mary University of London leading their work to embed public engagement across the institution, for which they hold a Gold NCCPE Engage watermark. Charlotte is an astrophysicist, museologist, and educationalist and particularly enjoys bringing the physical and social sciences together in her work. For more information about Charlotte and her work find her on Twitter @cprthorley or https://www.charlottethorley.com/

Who is this for?

This course is for senior staff who want to foster Public Engagement within their teams and encourage their teams to engage further in public practices. It is also for researchers who want to find ways to embed their public work with their research work.

What skills will you acquire?

How to include communities into your research; how to create a research culture that encourages public engagement.

Where will you use this?

In your Enabling Fund application. In all your public engagement experiences and activities.

It will also be applicable in grant submissions. If you are asked to explain your public engagement skills and experience, embedding public engagement into your research is a highly valued skill, especially among European and UK grants, and is also an indicator of a well planned public engagement plan. This session can also be a great introduction to citizen science projects and might give you ideas for your own citizen science initiative.


Register here: https://bit.ly/3oj4Wzo