Genome Lates: Animal Secrets

Grab your drink of choice, have a night off the tele and bring your curiosity to our next season of Genome Lates.


Thu 22nd Jul, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Since lockdown started we have brought researchers from our Cancer Ageing and Somatic Mutations programme together with artists and public participants in a collaborative creative project exploring the relationship between ageing and DNA. This year’s Genome Lates season draws on the science at the heart of the #flowcellular project and asks what can our genes tell us about how and why we age? Join us to find out if animals can give us the answers to longer life? Is disease always written in our genes? And what happened when lockdown baking inspired a new approach to dialogue across science and art? Join us for conversations and food-based experiments from April to September 2021.

Our panel for the night: Hosted by science writer and broadcaster Geoff Marsh in conversation with researcher Dr Alex Cagan, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Rob Deaville and Simon Spiro, Zoological Society of London, and Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds, Natural History Museum.