Genome Lates: The Secret Life of Flies

Discover why there's a buzz about flies in the next Genome Late

Location: (click for map)

Wellcome Genome Campus, CB10 1SA


Fri 5th Oct, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Flies are much maligned, tolerated at best but more often swatted without a moment’s consideration. But should this be the case? For this Genome Late, Dr Erica McAlister from the Natural History Museum, and author of The Secret Life of Flies, will share some fascinating insights and research into these neglected beasts and how studying the museum’s collection in new ways is revealing long-hidden answers.

A contender for one of the most swatted, the mosquito is a type of fly; they are also one of the planet’s most dangerous animals. Wellcome Sanger Institute’s Dr Mara Lawniczak will discuss malaria research, and how genomics is helping us to better understand disease transmission and the interactions between the malaria parasite, mosquitoes and humans.

This talk is part of our Curious Nature programme, and you will also have the chance to visit the Genome Gallery and th Curious Nature exhibition. Our bar will be open throughout the event serving a range of alcoholic, soft and hot drinks. Copies of The Secret Life of Flies will be on sale too.

Event schedule:

  • 6pm: Event opens. Opportunity to visit the exhibition
  • 6.30pm: Talk begins
  • 7.40pm: Opportunity to visit the exhibition
  • 8.30pm: Event ends