Genomic Expressions

An exhibition exploring the question: what does genomics mean to you?

Location: (click for map)

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, CB10 1SA


Sat 17th Feb, 12:00 am to Sat 16th Jun, 12:00 am

What does genomics mean to you?  How would you answer this question? Does it mean your family? Maybe it’s your ancestry? What about your health? Or perhaps the answer is, “I’ve no idea!” For our latest exhibition at the Wellcome Genome Campus we posed this question to those who work here. The creative responses featured in Genomic Expressions are by people from across our campus: lab assistants, administrators, software developers, and senior scientists. Some may make you smile, some are heart-warming but all encourage us, the viewer, to reflect on our own answer to the question.

Genomic Expressions is a FREE exhibition, and can be visited on one of our monthly Open Saturday events that are open to all, or by prior arrangement for group visits.