genomics lite: genomic surveillance in focus

exploring how genomics surveillance is used to understand and track genomics changes in pathogen outbreaks


Thu 21st Oct, 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm

This session will explore what genomic surveillance is, how advancements in genome sequencing technologies allows for real time tracking of genomic changes in pathogen outbreaks, and how this has been used in recent outbreaks such a COVID-19 and Ebola. The career journey of our guest speaker will also be highlighted.

Our guest speaker for Genomics Lite: Genomic Surveillance in Focus is Valerie Vancollie. Valerie is an Advanced Research Assistant who works on whole genome sequencing projects, including COVID-19 sequencing as part of Wellcome Sanger Institute COVID-19 Surveillance Team.

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Genomics Lite in Focus is a programme of live webinars to inspire and engage upper secondary school students, teachers and other educational groups. Each talk explores a different field in biology in focus, highlighting how genomics research contributes to understanding the topic.

Each 75 minute session includes a 30 minute talk on the topic, a 15 minute talk about the speakers career journey, and time for Q&A with the audience. Polls and audience questions are used throughout to encourage interaction betweent the audience and the speaker.

Session recording:

Learn more about genomics surveillance

These resources are designed to support and further attendees understanding of genomic surveillance, and are aimed at students in upper secondary years (e.g. year 10 and higher).

What is genomic surveillance?

How has genomic surveillance been used during the COVID-19 pandemic?


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