Genomics Lite: Mapping Malaria in Focus

Exploring how genomic surveillance can tackle deadly diseases like malaria and Covid-19


Thu 27th Apr, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

About the session:

Our guest speaker for the session is Georgia Whitton, a senior data scientist in the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s Genomics Surveillance Unit. Georgia uses DNA sequences from virus samples around the world to map changes in deadly diseases.

In this genomics lite session Georgia will talk about her experience working with two different pathogens: Covid-19 and Malaria. She will talk about how she has used genomic surveillance to save lives during the pandemic, how these techniques are used in the fight against malaria, and why malaria is such a difficult disease to control.

Linked resources:

These resources are recommended if you want to learn more about the topics before or after the webinar.