Genome Decoders

Our groundbreaking UK-wide schools initiative to pilot mass participation genome annotation!

Genome Decoders is our UK-wide participatory research project in collaboration with the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS). Working with the Sanger Institute's Parasite Genomics group and the European Bioinformatics Institute's Wormbase team, we've established a network of over 50 schools across the UK  who will help generate a quality reference genome for the human whipworm. The whipworm is responsible for millions of cases of neglected tropical disease around the world. Through this project, pupils in the UK and Ireland are helping the research effort aimed ultimately at improving the health of their peer groups in these distant countries.

The project was officially launched at the Wellcome Genome Campus in September 2017 and already, the first scrutinised sections of the whipworm genome are being returned by pupils to the cloud-based data curation centre. 

When completed, it is intended that pupils making substantive contributions to the final genome reference will be included as contributors on any research publications - making this the first true participatory genome annotation project of its kind.

You can also visit our partner IRIS' website for the project below.