Genomics Lite: FAQs

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Genomics Lite is a new programme of live webinars to inspire and engage upper secondary biology groups. 

Can you provide me with a certificate of attendance for coming to Genomics Lite?

Due to high requests, we will be able to provide Certificates of Attendance starting from the Human Genetic Variation series of Genomics Lite (March 2021). These Certificates will be available only if you attend two or more sessions in a series, and need to be requested via the feedback form available at the end of each Webinar. After a series has finished, eligible attendees that have requested a Certificate will be emailed their Certificate of Attendance, which will state their name and how many sessions in that series of Genomics Lite they have attended.

There used to be two sessions a week but I can only find information for Thursday sessions now.

Our first series of Genomics Lite in December 2020 ran twice a week, including a Tuesday lunchtime session. Due to timetabling, we found a lot of groups couldn’t make the lunchtime session, or could only attend for a short period of the session. Instead, we’ve extended the Thursday session to an hour. These sessions are recorded, so pupils can watch them at school during lunchbreak, and teachers can use them as part of lessons. We can also run some live bespoke sessions for eligible schools at a time that fits you, please get in touch to find out more.

What level are the sessions aimed at?

The programme is aimed at upper secondary biology classes – GCSE, A-Level, and equivalents. Classes from other levels are welcome to attend, but please note that the sessions will be pitched at GCSE+ level.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is up to an hour long, including up to 15 minutes for a Q&A with a scientist.

Are the sessions accessible for pupils with additional support needs?

We are planning to have live closed captions available for the next series (Human Genetic Variation) provided by

We are working hard to make sessions as accessible as possible. Please contact us at if you have any specific questions around accessibility.

I’ve registered for a session but haven’t recieved any emails or links for the session

Please check your junk folder, as sometimes emails from eventbrite can go there. Schools may need to whitelist or safe-list emails from to ensure pupils and teachers recieve these emails.

Can home educators sign up?

Yes, home educators can sign up using the usual registration link or can contact us at with any specific questions.

What are the technical requirements for attending a session?

You’ll need a PC, laptop or tablet with internet access to be able to join the session – this could be one-per-pupil or one computer connected to a projector for a whole class to join together.

I’m looking for an online session about a specific topic…

If you have any particular topics that you’d like us to cover you can email us at We can also run some bespoke sessions for eligible schools on a range of topics, please get in touch to find out more.

Your question not listed here? Email us at