Bite-size science

Introduction talks to get your teeth into

Bite-size science is a short series of “Introduction talks to get your teeth into” for all staff across the Wellcome Genome Campus. These events introduce the research on campus in a relaxed, informal way and enable us to work with scientists to develop new ways to talk about their research.

These talks attract a regular audience of a hundred staff from across the campus, enabling scientists and non-scientists to find out more about different areas of genomics and biodata. The presentations are highly visual and include audience participation to demonstrate a key principle. We know from evaluation that the audiences enjoy this format and are returning again and again. Bite-size science is also a great opportunity for scientists to develop their presentation skills and try new approaches to public engagement. We work with the presenters to find the stories and analogies that can help them to bring their research to life.

Bite-size science has been a collaboration between the Public Engagement team and Campus researchers who have worked together to make accessible, inspiring talks. We’ve also relied on the audiences to ensure that we’re delivering what they want, how they want it.