Can you…Defeat The Helix?

An alien life-form known as The Helix has found Earth and are taking over the planet as we know it! Can you solve clues and puzzles to defeat them?

An alien life form known as The Helix has found Earth and is taking over the planet as we know it! We need you to take on the mission of defeating the Helix by solving puzzles and working out clues.

Enter Mission HQ and receive information and clues from scientists from across the globe who are working with you on this life-or-death mission, uncovering how the Helix communicate and how they use genetic information to infiltrate and overtake other life-forms. Only your puzzle-solving skills can save us now! Come along to an Open Saturday or Genome Late event to try this experience, everyone is welcome. Use the links at the bottom of the page to find your next event.

There is a also separate mission – if you choose to accept it! In Defeat The Helix: The Human Resistance Needs You, you will have 1 hour to race against the clock in this bookable immersive game for teams of 3-6 players. We recommend this experience for players aged 12+. Book your session here!

Communications tell us that The Helix will arrive on Saturday 18 May, and you will have until Saturday 21 September to defeat them…