From village fairs to large city festivals, celebrating science, art and culture

Each year we attend a range of festivals across the country from village fairs to large city festivals celebrating science, art and culture. We use these events to encourage young people, families and adults to explore our science and discuss the related issues. Events span an entire range of scope and content – from building DNA sequence bracelets to sharp end debates around ethical issues in genomics.

Scientists from all areas of campus get involved at the various festivals we participate in. They offer a great platform to examine the scientific, social and cultural importance of genomics and biodata with a range of audiences. Below you will find a list of the festivals we have visited in the last 12 months. If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch at engage@wellcomeconnectingscience.org.

Cambridge Science Festival

Held in March each year, and coinciding with British Science Week, around 50 scientists support our events at the Cambridge Science Festival. Over the two weeks of the festival, we interact with over 1000 people.

Cambridge Festival of Ideas

At the Cambridge Festival of Ideas we have worked with artists, writers and researchers to explore genomics from different perspectives.

Peterborough STEM Festival

Held every October, this is one of the regions fast up and coming festivals, and a great opportunity to reach communities further from campus with in an area less served by science activities and outreach.

Ely Cathedral Science Festival

A new festival held in June with all events hosted and delivered in the spectacular setting of Ely Cathedral.

Orkney Science Festival

One of the UK’s longest running science festivals, this is held each September.