Genome Gallery

Encouraging visitors to consider the possibilities of genomics and biodata

The Genome Gallery is the Wellcome Genome Campus’ exhibition space. Through a changing programme of displays we explore genomics research, and encourage visitors to consider the social and personal impact of learning about our genetic code.

In creating an exhibition space we wanted to find new ways for people to engage with our research, in ways that could be self-directed and reflective. The space comprises core displays: objects, illustrations and film bring to life the story of the Human Genome Project, and how trees of life have helped us understand the connections of all living things. At the heart of the Genome Gallery is a space for temporary exhibitions. Throughout the year a programme of art installations, object displays and immersive works offer fresh approaches to the subject, and encourage you to come back and visit again. We’ve welcomed hundreds of visitors so far, and for most it’s their first visit to the Wellcome Genome Campus. We hope it’ll be the first of many.

To deliver an exhibition programme we need good and varied collaborations – with campus researchers, creative practitioners, museums and galleries, and, of course, with our audiences.