Genome Lates

Explore our science after dark!

Genome Lates are your chance to explore Wellcome Genome Campus science on a Friday evening! Explore our latest exhibition and experiences, hear about the latest discoveries in genomics and speak with scientists about the work they do. And as it’s a Friday, it’s a fun, informal affair. Our bar is open, so come along and relax with friends over a drink!

Genome Lates are free for everyone but you do need to book. Use the links at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming programme

An alien life-form known as The Helix has found Earth and is taking over the planet as we know it! Can you solve clues to defeat them? Enter Mission HQ at the Wellcome Genome Campus and work together – only your skills puzzle-solving can save us now! You can take up the mission at the Genome Lates linked below.