Home Learning packs

Discover the wonderful world of genomics with our home learning packs

Over the course of the lock-down period, members of the Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement team have been developing a series of home learning packs for primary and secondary school students.

The aim of the packs is to provide science education support for parents and teachers, as well as keep curious minds engaged over the holiday period.  These come in the form of downloadable PDF packs that can worked on at home or at school. Each pack has four activities with information and worksheets.

For younger students (7+):

  • DNA Discovery: What is DNA and what does it do? Discover more about this marvellous molecule and how it impacts the world around us.
  • Marvellous Microbes: There is another world all around us – the microbial world! Discover how studying DNA is unlocking the secrets of this hidden world for all to see.
  • Amazing Adaptations: Explore the natural world and how creatures have adapted to their habitats. What genes help animals and plants survive?

For older students (11+):

  • Genomics and Genes: an introduction to the basics of DNA, genes and genomes and, some of the ethical issues associated with genome technology.
  • Genomics and Adaptations: Discover how genetics underpins adaptations that let creatures survive and thrive!
  • Genomics and Microbes: Introducing how genomics is used to understand the microbial world.

Many more resources can be found of yourgenome.org, the team’s site for all those curious about DNA, genes and genomes.  Take a look!

If you are an educator, you might also be interested in signing up to the Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement Education Update email, to find out about new resources, CPD training, visits and outreach opportunities.