Exploring institutional change to support Responsible Research and Innovation

NUCLEUS is a four year, European Commission funded project investigating how to make Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) a reality in universities and research institutions.  There are 25 partners from 15 countries in the NUCLEUS consortium, including the Sanger Institute (Genome Research Ltd) led by the Public Engagement team in close collaboration with the Sanger Policy team.

The project will explore institutional barriers to effective stakeholder engagement by implementing two-year culture plans in 10 universities and research institutes across the globe – the so-called Embedded Nuclei. In addition, 25 Mobile Nuclei will lead one-off events to brainstorm new approached or serve as exemplars for RRI. The Sanger Institute will mentor three of the Embedded Nuclei – two in Germany (Bochum and Cleves) and one in China (Beijing). We will also host a Mobile Nuclei focusing on RRI in the context of genomics translation of research into applications.

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