Primary resources

Activities and ideas to enhance primary learning

We have a range of activities and resources that can be used in primary schools on our website Below are a selection that we recommend to introduce basic concepts of DNA, gene and genomes as well as microbiology.

Introducing DNA

The following hands-on activities can be used to introduce the concept of DNA and its double helix structure.

Yummy Gummy DNA – Build a DNA helix from jelly babies and cocktail sticks.

Sequence bracelets – Find out more about how DNA and its chemical letters A, T, G and C with this bracelet making activity.

DNA origami – This hands-on activity allows you to create your own paper model of a DNA double helix.

Microbiology activities

The following activities can be used to introduce the topic of microbes and how some pathogens can be spread.

Balloon bugs – Discover more about the basic shape and structure of different bacteria through this balloon modelling activity.

Handshake Hazard – Demonstrate how microbes can be spread through hand to hand contact.

Contamination detectives – Play detective and uncover how microbes spread around the surfaces you touch if you don’t wash your hands properly!

Sneeze Zone – How far can a sneeze spread a virus? Find out with this fun activity.