Pint of Science: Big Data and scientific research: the very small, the fairly big and the massive

Grab a drink and discover how Big Data is revolutionising research and transforming our understanding of the world around us

Location: (click for map)

Panton Arms 43 Panton Street, Cambridge CB2 1HL


Mon 14th May, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Data mining and analytics have hit the news recently with concerns about social media and privacy, but across many scientific disciplines Big Data is revolutionising research with incredible potential to transform our understanding of the world and beyond. Our speakers will guide us through their big data projects, involving the cells that make up our bodies, the causes of extreme climate events and the stars in our universe. Laura Clarke, Project Coordinator – Human Cell Atlas, EMBL-EBI, will share how advances in technology mean that we can now analyse single cells in unprecedented detail. The Human Cell Atlas is an ambitious collaborative project that aims to to map all cells in the human body. This talk will introduce the project itself, the technology it will use to analyse our cells and the software platform being built to support producing a ‘Google Maps’ for the human body.

Doors open at 6.30pm. Tickets: £4

Please be aware that although this event takes place on the ground floor, there is no step-free access or disabled toilet at the venue.

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