Genomics Lite

A new programme of live webinars for upper secondary science students

Genomics Lite is a programme of live webinars to inspire and engage upper secondary school students.

Genomics Lite provides upper secondary students with the opportunity to hear from scientists working across genomics about their work, their job, and their career history. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions to the guest speakers. The sessions are run securely on zoom webinar, and are interactive and engaging.

Upcoming talks

Thursday 20th October 4:30pm – Sequencing Techniques.

Thursday 24th November 4:30pm – Parasitic Worms

Thursday 26th January 4:30pm – Bacteria Population Genomics

All recordings for previous sessions are available below.

How the sessions work

Each live session will give pupils the opportunity to learn more about how genomics is used in a variety of biological fields. Sessions will introduce the topic and highlight the role of genomics, how the topic is researched in the lab, as well as the career journey of the researcher.

Pupils can ask questions throughout the session about the topic and more broadly about working in science.

All sessions will be recorded and made available on our youtube channel shortly after the session.

For more information, see our Genomics Lite FAQ page.

How to book

Genomics Lite sessions will be bookable via our Eventbrite page.

Pupils are encouraged to sign up for the sessions if they’ll be accessing the sessions themselves. Teachers can register if they intend on showing the session in an after school classroom setting, or if they intend on attending the session themselves.

Attendees will be emailed a secure Zoom webinar link to the session as well as some optional pre-session resources.

Past series

These series have finished, and recordings of the sessions are now available on each page, along with learning resources.

Genomics Lite: T Cells in Focus – May 2022

Genomics Lite: Cancer Mutations in Focus – April 2022

Genomics Lite: Sequencing Malaria in Focus – March 2022

Genomics Lite: Proteins and Evolution in Focus – February 2022

Genomics Lite: The Human Microbiome in Focus – January 2022

Genomics Lite: CRISPR in Focus – November 2021

Genomics Lite: Genomic Surveillance in Focus – October 2021

Genomics Lite: Antimicrobial Resistance in Focus – September 2021

Biodiversity & Evolution Series: June – July 2021  

Cancer Research Series: April – May 2021  

Human Genetic Variation Series: March 2021

Infectious Diseases Series: January – February 2021

The Human Genome Project Series: November – December 2020